Adult Camps

Adult camps are designed to help players raise their level of play and experience high-performance training first-hand.

The players train with the official coaching staff of the Rafa Nadal Academy using the same training methodology as in the Academy

During the camps, players train 2 hours a day with an integrated approach to tennis; Technique, tactics, mentality and performance are developed at the same time. The training is based on a high-performance activity, where intensity, footwork, and learning to compete have the protagonism.

Our camps are open to a variety of skill levels, but there is a minimum of minimum skills to register. Players in the initiation phase who are not able to maintain long rallies will not be able to participate. Please specify your level of play on our registration form so that we can plan and group players accordingly.

Please note that during the first training session the players will be grouped by level by the coaches, according to the organizational requirements of the camp


The Double Tennis Camps is designed for doubles players who want to improve overall performance, placing special importance on essential aspects of the game like covering the net, attacking the net and smart shot choice, all crucial abilities to excel in league, tournament, and club competitions.

This training will give you and your partner the development and competitive edge you need to play the game using real competition situations – the Rafa way!

Sessions are designed for the individual player who wants to improve overall tennis performance. The staff makes an initial assessment of the level of play to then tailor the training based on the Rafa Nadal Methodology. The main focus will be on technique and tactics while also placing importance on tennis-specific conditioning.

Upcoming Camps

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